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Gutter Re-Lining
The Problem
Leaking gutters cost British Industry millions of pounds every year in production disruption, stock loss and maintenance costs. Gutters discharge water into a building predominantly due to joint failure but also due to substrate failure caused by severe corrosion. Gutters can also become overwhelmed during storm conditions.
The Solution

DRS-FM is a gutter lining system that is rigid in use and as the name suggests, is able to fold, using system hinges, allowing access to the gutter cavity and then re-open, to maximise the available space within. It has an exceptional life span, well in excess of 30 years and is guaranteed for a period of 20 years including the installation. DRS-FMis manufactured from an EPDM membrane that is pressure bonded to galvanized and coated steel substrate. During this process the hinges are formed, which are the essence of the system’s unique flexibility. They provide the ability to enter the most difficult of gutter cavities, maximising the available space. The resulting laminate forms a composite sheet to the required girth that is then press formed to the correct profile.

DRS-FM Guarentees & Benefits

  • Long life – in excess of 30 years.
  • No disruption to production process beneath.
  • Cost effective – eliminates need to remove or modify existing sheeting.
  • Easily fixed – fixing techniques follow existing and proven practices.
  • Lightweight – minimal increase to dead and imposed loads.
  • Maximum retained gutter capacity.
  • Existing gutters may be insulated with ease.
  • 20 year guarantee.
  • Leaking gutters will be a thing of the past.

Specification for DRS-FM Gutter Liner System

Clean out existing gutter, lower debris to ground level and dispose of in a skip provided by us. Supply and fix a 10mm thick isolating board to the sole of the gutter prior to the installation of the new liner system. Supply and fix a purpose made DRS-FM TM liner system to the eaves gutter, including all stop ends and all outlets, to complete the new liner system to the guaranteed standard. DRS-FM TM is manufactured using a very high quality EPDM membrane, fully bonded to a coated steel substrate. This forms a weather impermeable composite, guaranteed for 20 years, but with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. Supply and fix a purpose made metal cover flashing to protect the outer edge of the new liner.

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